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Going Into Our 4th Year In Business!

On December 19, 2019, HD Russell opened its doors for the first time. Fast forward to today, and we're already going into our 4th year in business. Time flies when you're having fun!
Did you know David first learned pattern making when he first got into shoemaking some 30 years ago? Today, he’s evolved into a full-fledged Cordwainer, but pattern-making is his forte. Show him a design and he’ll be able to recreate it in his mind and spit it out into a pattern (without a computer or technology) as fast as you can say Goodyear welt!
David worked for Dayton Boots and Viberg Boot before founding HD Russell which is named after his lost brother.
We also have an amazing seamstress who stitches our leather uppers; Bich (pronounced Bick and also worked at Dayton Boots), is highly sought after in North America for her skills. Her stitch work is meticulous and she has extremely high standards - I'm baffled when I pick up a leather upper in awe of her work and she responds with "it's crooked" and will proceed to undo her work and re-stitch it. 😮

As we head into our 4th year in business, we make a commitment to continue to use the best materials possible (Horween leather, cork underlayer, steel shank, Vibram soles, etc, etc) and to continue our standard of quality handcrafted, hand-welted Goodyear welted construction boots & shoes.
Thank you so much for supporting us! If you haven't already ordered a custom pair, we hope to have the opportunity to make a pair for you sometime in the future. ❤️
Ps. David & Bich put up with me taking photos and asking the same questions over and over 😝 I'm also super lucky to be around them as I get to observe their beautiful designs & creations unfold.


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