Choosing Your Outsole

As you customize your footwear it is important to consider its intended purpose.  Will you be primarily taking your HD Russells for long walks in the city, hikes in the woods, maybe a full day on-site at the shop or a quick walk to the office?  We have your comfort and esthetics in mind!  We want you to look great and feel great in our footwear.


The descriptions below will help you to make an informed decision on the perfect outsole for you.

    vibram mini lug 430

    Vibram Mini-Lug 430

    -offers excellent grip, traction and flexibility

    -this is a great choice for heavy use in the city or for hiking

    vibram mini lug half sole

    Vibram Mini-Lug Half Sole

    -good alternative to the Mini-lug 430

    -makes for a lighter shoe

    -can be replaced without a full resole

    Vibram Eton Sole

    -softer and lighter sole compared to the Mini-Lug 430

    -it provides good grip and is ideal for city wear 

    vibram stresa half sole

    Vibram Stresa Half Sole

    -ideal for dress/formal footwear

    -makes for a much lighter shoe

    -easier to replace as it does not require a full resole

    vibram lug sole

    Vibram Lug Sole

    -a long lasting sole for a rough and rugged look

    -this sole requires a full resole when replacement is required

    -popular amongst bikers and hikers

    -great for muddy wet conditions

    -ideal for workboots

    Dr Sole Supergrip Half Sole

    Dr Sole Supergrip Half Sole

    -vintage inspired look

    -wears well and has excellent traction

    leather sole

    Leather Sole

    - light

    - ideal for formal footwear

    - not ideal for daily walks

    - provides adequate traction on city sidewalks