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Shoe Care Guide

Our shoes are made with all natural materials, are made with care and made to last.  

They should be maintained and conditioned to enhance the natural weather resistant properties and maintain the overall look of the leather.  When exposed to weather and dirt (or just over time), the oils that protect leather need to be renewed.  Without proper maintenance the leather can crack and become brittle.

The best routine for taking care of your footwear depends on how often you wear them.  If you wear your shoes daily rain or shine, we recommend you maintain them once a week with mink oil.  If you wear them only for special occasions, you may need to maintain them monthly or less.  

We recommend purchasing the basics needed to take care of the leather - mink oil and cream shoe polish. 

Mink oil keeps the leather flexible and maintains the leathers natural waterproof property.  

Cream shoe polish is used for preserving the natural surface of your footwear or to correct any scuffs to the leather.

Before using mink oil or cream shoe polish:

  • Wipe away any dirt or dust with a soft brush or dry cloth
  • Use a cloth or sponge to apply to the leather
  • Allow the oil or polish to absorb for a few hours before wearing them - don’t wear them immediately after application
  • Mink oil may darken the leather - spot test in a discrete part of the shoe before applying over the entire shoe

Our custom handcrafted shoes and boots will take care of your feet for years or even decades if you maintain the leather.  Over time, they will mould to the shape and movement of your feet.