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We Hear You! How We're Adapting to Make Lighter Footwear Without Sacrificing Quality or Comfort

We’ve received feedback over time that our footwear is too heavy and stiff.  

We hear you and we have changed the material we use in order to make our footwear lighter while still providing support using Goodyear welt construction. 

The big difference is we are now using orthopaedic foam between the insole & midsole at the front of the shoe while continuing to use a cork layer in the rest of the shoe.  We’ve also changed the lining in the vamp to a softer orthopaedic leather while continuing to use a leather lining with more body at the heel counter.

Although making leather footwear may be an old-world craft we’ll always strive to improve our product based on your feedback.  Your opinions matter and please continue telling us what you think!


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