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Custom Orders Ship in 10-12 Weeks

What to Expect When Coming to Get Measured Up for Custom Made Footwear

You’ve decided to invest in a pair of custom handmade leather footwear; we give you at least 3 decisions to think about and what to expect when you come in:


  • First, how will you use your shoes? Do you plan to use your boots or shoes for hiking, for walks in the city, in an office setting or for special occasions?  A Chelsea or a Russell boot is ideal in the city or for light hikes whereas a Chukka or a Derby might be better for a more formal setting.
  • Do you have any foot-related issues? Bunions, high arches, wide feet, foot injuries?  Do you use foot orthotics or inserts?  We’ll talk to you about style and design that may be more comfortable for you and your needs (and still make you look good!)  Please remember to bring your orthotics and wear socks you anticipate wearing with your new footwear.  
  • Next, we’ll measure your feet. We will take a tracing of your left and right foot and will take measurements of each foot.  If you require a modified or a custom last, we will have a discussion with you about it now.
  • If necessary, we’ll discuss the different materials we use to make your footwear.  Based on your preferences and needs, we’ll help you in choosing the appropriate materials for the upper, lining, insole, and outsole of your custom shoe. These choices will impact the shoe's appearance, comfort, and performance.  
(We can make your shoes with EVA foam instead of veg-tan leather, we can also make your footwear with unit soles instead of building up a leather heel stack, etc.  If you have specific preferences, please let us know!)
  • The fun part; here's where you get to decide how your boot or shoe will look. There are at least 3 things to consider: 
  1. Leather
  2. Edging colour (natural, brown or black)
  3. Type of rubber outsole 
We don’t want to overwhelm you, but you could also consider
  • the height of your shoe/boot
  • colour of your eyelets
  • speed hooks -how many and placement if you’re ordering a lace-up boot
  • colour of stitching
  • structured toe vs unstructured toe or carbon fibre


  • In some cases, if we’re making a custom pattern for you or to address any foot related issues, we may need to schedule you for a fitting session to ensure the shoe is being made to fit your feet perfectly and to confirm the design of your custom pattern.  We will make changes to address comfort and any aesthetic concerns.  


  • Once the bespoke/custom shoe is finalized and all adjustments have been made, we will work on completing your custom shoe or boot.  You will receive your unique, handcrafted custom-made shoe in 8-10 weeks.
Keep in mind that the entire process of getting measured and receiving the final product might take some time; it involves careful craftsmanship and attention to detail.  However, the result will be a pair of luxury handcrafted shoes that fit you perfectly and provide exceptional comfort and support.


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