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Shoe Repair and Cobbler Service in Vancouver

The Question We Get Asked All The Time: Do You Do Repairs?  Will You Repair Shoes That Aren’t HD Russell?  

In a nutshell, yes; we will repair anything that is worth fixing. 

One of our core values is sustainability; we make leather shoes locally that will reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of mass-produced footwear.  This means if we can restore an item and prevent it from going into the landfill, then it is worthwhile to us to repair it too.

Whether you decide to take your items to us or another cobbler; we would like you to consider if it can be fixed or if it is worth fixing before throwing it away.  We urge you to consider donating your shoe or bag before throwing it into the trash.  We have come across many unique and vintage items that were purchased from a thrift shop; beautiful bags, wallets, shoes and boots that we were able to repair at a fraction of the cost than buying new. 

Take a look through your closet and assess your old shoes and bags; give it a second thought before you throw it away forever. 

We are experts at reconditioning and bringing leathers back to life.  This is especially true for vintage and heritage items of sentimental value. If you are unsure if an item can be fixed or if it is worth the time to repair, we invite you to stop by our shop so we can assess it and talk about your options.


When Should You Take Your Repair to a Shoemaker Instead of a Cobbler?

A good cobbler should be able to complete a simple repair.  A shoemaker will be able complete more complicated and intricate jobs.  Here are a few situations to consider a shoemaker over a cobbler:  

Complex repairs: While cobblers are great for general sole replacements and maintenance; shoemakers have experience in more complex repairs that may involve a full reconstruction of an entire section of a shoe, like the leather upper or the sole unit.  A full remake or recraft of a shoe where the footwear is completely rebuilt with the original leather upper is better to take to a shoemaker.

High-end or designer shoes: If you own high-end or designer shoes that require intricate repairs or restoration. For example, you may need to customize or alter the width of a tall boot or add a zipper to your leather boot.  A shoemaker will be better equipped to handle this task.  They have the skills and knowledge to work with premium materials and maintain the original design and quality of the shoes. 

Specialty footwear for a medical condition:  Where fit and comfort are important, especially for orthopedic shoes or custom boots, a shoemaker can create and/or alter the footwear for your use and comfort. 

Historical or Vintage Restoration: If you own vintage or historical footwear that needs restoration or replication, a shoemaker's expertise in traditional craftsmanship techniques can be invaluable in preserving the authenticity and historical value of the shoes.

Quality Craftsmanship: Shoemakers are often associated with a higher level of craftsmanship, precision, and attention to detail, which may be desirable for certain types of shoe-related projects.


However, it's important to note that both shoemakers and cobblers have their respective skills and strengths. Cobblers are experts in repairing and maintaining footwear, which is essential for everyday shoe maintenance and minor repairs. 

Ultimately, the choice between a shoemaker and a cobbler depends on your specific needs and the condition of your shoes. If you're looking for custom footwear, complex repairs, or customization, a shoemaker is the better choice.

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